Why The Office?

What is it that makes The Office unlike any other television comedy? Is it Michael Scott’s cringe-worthy antics? Or watching (living vicariously through) Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley’s relationship as it unfolds? Or maybe even the infrequent but impeccably timed one-liners from Creed Bratton?

The quirky personalities that make up the characters of The Office is what makes it a show you can watch one hundred times and still find it as funny as you did the first time. Everyone has seen a bit of themselves in each character. Whether you were trying hopelessly to impress a girl like Michael with Holly, or you were the new person in the office and accidentally started a fire with your pita like Ryan the temp. Or maybe you even related to Toby at some point and everyone sort of hated you. Whoever it is, let’s explore just why we relate so well to the character we do.

By analyzing each character of The Office through the Myers Briggs personality test, we will understand just why we relate so well to the character that we do. Be sure to spend a couple of minutes to take the Myers Briggs test if you haven’t already done so and read about what sort of personality traits are attributed with your test results.




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